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Daily Declaration and Rants about RvR

So i've discovered something recently during my adventures through the blogosphere of words and rantiness.

I only like returning to the ones I know get updated daily. I mean, otherwise...what's the point? And on this morning of all mornings I have decided to do my damndest to give all you wonderful people daily updates from this point forward!

*cue more fanfare*

Of course, chances are I will forget about this resolution very very soon.

The stories on Drudge today are tiring.

I'm tired as all hell from running this morning. We ran something like 4 miles...after I've been sick all week and skipping PT. Let me tell all of you prospective volunteers out there something right now, if you dont like to run, dont sign up without accepting that world of daily pain in front of you for the rest of your enlistment.

I hate running. I keep saying we should have skateboard PT but there's something about it being a 'safety hazard.'

Played more Warhammer last night, got all the way to level 14.5. It's fun times that game, although there are some annoying bits to it such as my computer crashing occasionally. But other than that I'm more than pleased when I can run about on my little gobbo (that's Orc slang for Goblin you noob) and toss heals on passerby. It's nice being a good guy, and the big toughies in shiny Armor love me.

To mention some more about Warhammer, honestly, here's some basics for RvR.

People it works like how you would think WAR really would ok? You've got 4 basic types of classes here

Tanks (big dudes in Armor that look scary)
Melee DPS (guys with stabby weapons that stab you)
Ranged DPS (spell casters and archery people)
Heals (that's me! The Grim-gobbo!)

Obviously it should go something like this

The Horn of Battle Beggining goes off and we all rush forward like crazy people!

Tanks in front
Melee DPS hanging back a bit to rush the flanks of the front lines
Ranged in the back
Healers even MORE in the back (thank you for extra distance on heals Mythic)

This is the optimal formation.

Also for all you dumb people running off on your own because you think you have a better idea of how to fight a war. It's war. You're not a hero. No one is giving out medals for the dumbest person in the fight.

Warhammer is specifically designed to reward people who stick together. This isn't Warlocks in Warcraft who can simultaneously kill 5 enemies in PvP if you have the skills. WAR rewards the side that sticks together and works as a team.

Also, real quick about target priorites.

Please, everyone attack the same thing. And attack them like this:

Squishy DPS: Bright Wizards are soft. I know because I can kill them.
Healers: Because they're healing whatever you're trying to kill originally
Other DPS: because they're squishier than tanks
Tanks: Because they dont do as much damage as you think they do

Now lets talk a little bit about roles.

If your a tank, what is your job? Your job is to protect people, to distract the enemy. To run out into the thick of everything yelling "DEATH TO THE EMPIRE" "KILL DA HUMIES" or some other warcry. This way the enemy gets distracted by you. YOU set the front line. And if the front line for you happens to be in the center of their formation where their ranged DPS is or where their healers are so much the better.

But please, protect your local healers. We're the ones who keep you alive when you go running in like a bloodthirsty madman.

DPS. Your job is to kill. Kill kill kill. But you're not super heroes like Ironman ok? That's the tank. DPSers need to be ninjas. To be felt and not seen. To be the invisble killlers. To flank the enemy and come flying in on their formation and disable their valuables. You're ninjas. You're assasins. And your job is to assasinate all the healers and squishy DPS. Please please please do this. The enemy does it very well because I die a lot. A lot a lot. Becuase some damn Witch hunter always finds me and Executes the hell out of me.

Ranged DPS: Stay out of melee and do what the melee guys are doing. You're the ones who can be the most valuable because if the enemy can't find you then you can keep disabling them.

Healers: Keep your tanks and DPS alive. Don't focus on one target and do as much multitasking as possible. Your job is not to do damage, your job is to keep your team alive. Doing damage always comes third. Priority is like this:

Stay AWAY from the scary bad men on the other team
Heal everyone on your team ESP. other healers.

Sorcs need an extra amount of love because well...they do. They damage themselves when they are doing their best...and when they are doing their best they can triple the damage output pushed out by any other class. Sorc + healer = a lot of death and pain for the bad guys.

Ahhh rants.

I hope someone reading this someday plays warhammer.

Can't wait to go home and play...1...more...hour....

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