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So warhammer is out, and more importantly my shiny, no, make that extra shiny Warhammer Collector's Edition box finally arrived yesterday. Even my wife (who tolerates but must secretly disapprove of my video gaming addiction) was impressed by the quality of the box. And of course the hardback art book and graphic novel that came with it.

I spent most of yesterday playing WAR with my awesome guild, Phoenix Ascension (speaking of how we've risen from the ashes of the 'game that shall not be named') which mainly consists of some very close friends from back home and previous gaming fun. We ended up waging war in a massive keep battle that originally began with myself and a friend eventually including about 25 people on ourside and about 30 on theirs.

Unfortunately they had the keep, so most of the experience, although fun, generally resulted in us throwing ourselves against the keep wall and bouncing off of it with incredible speed and velocity. No victory was claimed but we had a lot of fun...at least I did.

Warhammer, unlike a lot of other MMOs that simply let you use other players to sell you things or provide mindless banter in chat channels, actually becomes more enjoyable when you are playing with a large group of people. Right now we've been trying to work out how that fits into our currently small family guild scheme.

So i would like to announce to our small veiwing audience of I believe me, my wife, and mikey, that the Pheonix Ascension destruction guild on the WAR Ungrim server is now openly recruting members who meet the following criteria.

1: You're not a dumb bitch.
2: You have a sense of humor.
3: You are willing to sacrifice one of your family members on the Altar of Death and Technolgy that we might overcome the enemy with greater power. (number two required for number three)
4: You enjoy cookies and are willing to bake some and bring them to guild events.

We can offer you...

1: Loads of fun as we thrash the enemies with various weapons such as axes, swords, mutated arms that look like swords, sticks, teeth, fingernails that haven't been cut in a long time and battering rams made out of the bones of our vicitims!
2: A working vent server that still looks like it belongs to the Eve corporation i was in!
3: Morktaz! Aka Jeff.
4: A chance to get on the ground floor of a guild with great aspirations! (meaning we dont have a website, or forums yet and we want YOU to do all the hard work for us)
5: And most importantly, the chance to kill dwarves. After how annoying midgets have been to all of us in the last 10 years, we all know we're dying to smash some.

In more sane news I have a meet and greet with a 4 star general who is incharge of every Soldier in Europe in about....20 minutes. Hooray!

I hope all of you lovely viewers are doing swimmingly and i must be off now to save the world!

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