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The Camera Question

Up until the end of December 2009 I primarily used a Canon SD1000 Compact camera to shoot my photos, sometimes borrowing a Canon 350D SLR(my dad's) or a Nikon D1x SLR (My husband's). You can absolutely shoot good photos with a compact camera but I enjoy the flexibility and increased sensitivity of an SLR

I now shoot with a Nikon D3000 SLR with either a Nikkor 18-55mm, Nikkor 28-105mm Macro or a Nikkor 17-35mm lens. I primarily shoot in Aperture Priority mode because I'm lazy according to my husband.

My lighting kit consists of natural light or a modified Maglite Flashlight held with a clamp, we're low tech here. I sometimes use white card or kitchen foil as reflectors. My backgrounds generally consist of an old wooden box I found in the trash, printed scrapbook paper or my kitchen work surfaces.

I do minor touch-ups with Photoshop CS3, mostly white balance, sharpening or colour adjustment.

I have a ton of film cameras including some vintage rangefinders, Holga coloursplash, Lomo 4 lens and a Polaroid 600. I do shoot with the ones that work but I'm too lazy to scan in the prints.

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I am a 24 year old British stay at home mother to a two year old boy. Married to a U.S. soldier and currently living in Germany.

I have seen the Vatican from the very top of St Peter's Basilica, the mud in the World War I trenches outside Ypres. I have walked through Montmartre side streets bustling with people in the evening, gotten lost in the streets of Greenwich Village NYC, run through cornfields on the Welsh border and sat outside with a cup of tea watching fireflies in the fields of the outer Chicago suburbs.

I have held the hands of others through addiction, fear, suicide, despair and come out the other side. I have left everything behind to begin anew.
I have fought mental illness and walked through snow in the mountains of the lake district, England. I have explored the morgue in the bowels of an abandoned hospital on a summer evening, climbed to the top of scaffolding on the outside of a five floor warehouse to look at the city lights of Nottingham at night and I have watched the sun setting on the Texas horizon.

I have held my son's tiny hand through the plastic window on an isolette in the NICU ward. Walked, speaking only in whispers, through the catacombs beneath the ground on the outskirts of Rome and seen the fireworks over Heidelberg castle.