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last minute and easily distracted

Obviously I suck at blogging. Honestly I pretty much suck at anything that requires commitment and routine, which makes me wonder how I have managed successfully so far with being a wife and mother. Although having a husband and son to "prompt" me into action seems to work wonders, writing lists helps immensely too unless I lose the list, which admittedly happens fairly often.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm a disorganised mess, what I'm less likely to admit is that I actually like it this way most of the time. Life tends to be much more interesting when I'm rushing and behind schedule. It was always like this back in school, my best essays were written in the early hours of the morning before they were due to be handed in. I don't think I'm a slacker as such, just a last minute and easily distracted sort of person.

Hahahaha, speaking of which I have just finished being distracted by my sons antics.

Mikey had surgery on Monday last week to fix tongue tie, remove enlarged adenoids and drain fluid from the ears. The surgery itself was a success, the day was not however. Only clear liquids after midnight before the surgery and nothing 2 hours before the surgery. All very well except for the fact that my son still breastfeeds to sleep... and decided to wake up at 2am.

Yeah, that really wasn't so great. We finally all passed out at about 4am after much screaming and crying (most of it mine)... alarms set for 5.45 am which was when we needed to get up to make it to the hospital for surgery at 7am. I could make a big story out of all of this, but it would just be too long. We missed the alarm and arrived at the hospital at 8am, luckily he still hadn't been called and wasn't called until 10am. We basically had to wait around into hospital until 5pm because after the surgery he refused to wake up from the anesthetic... possibly a symptom of getting very little sleep that night.

But that was last week. He had a very grumpy week, my parents were visiting from England and had to put up with his foul little mood. He is fine now and back to normal. Well better than normal since he got upgrades and all. His balance has improved. He is starting to play the "I'm going to pull myself up and let go to see how long I can stand on my own" game. It's cute, he is so pleased with himself.

My darling husband just said to me "Honey I'm really hungry *hint hint* I haven't really eaten anything all day."

Oh play the pity card will you sir?! Funny because I specifically remember making you a delicious lunch consisting of Pesto on warm Ciabatta bread. Haven't eaten all day... Psh.

Ahem, yes. My dad took some really lovely photos of Mikey in the Autumn leaves outside our apartment last week.

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