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2 February RTT

How about all this snow? It sounds like the weather has been crazy all over the world, not just in Germany. When Mikey sees anyone with snow on their boots he says "Uh oh! Snow!" and tries to wipe it off. When his daddy came home yesterday and walked snow in the house (all over my nice clean floors!) Mikey followed the snow trail, pointing and saying "Uh Oh, Snow!". He can't really say the "s" properly yet, so it sounds like some weird nasal sound.

Mikey has been learning some letters of his alphabet. He knows "B","D" for doggie, "E" is for elephant, "P" is for Popcorn! Only learning the letters for the things that he likes!zs

While hubby has been away I've been fixing up our spare room to turn it into a guest/craft/relaxing room. I've managed to get half of the room done, just need to move out some furniture to finish the rest! We had just been using it as a junk room.





I scored that desk from a yard sale for $30! Love it!

I also finally finished painting one of the small tables for Mikey's room. I sanded that thing down forever ago and it had just been sitting around. I painted it last week and put it in his room yesterday. It's a rich royal blue and looks great!

In the virtual world I have also been playing around with a blog design. Rue de Vamp is my friends design blog, I sometimes post on there too. I fixed up the design over the weekend after managing to break free, with the help of my friend, of my obsession with greys and muted colours in web design!

I'm still knitting this ridiculous cushion to go in the spare room. It's huge and I'm totally getting bored with it now, I just want it finished! I bought a PILE of yarn on Saturday that I want to make into things!

The husband returned from France yesterday afternoon, bringing back with him 9 bottles of Alsace wine that he got for free while working on a story about the anniversary of the liberation of the region by Allied forces during WWII after it have been effectively annex by German forces in 1940. He went there with the Color Guard and took photos and video of the various ceremonies with French veterans. We drank 2 of the bottles with friends last night and they were fabulous. We're planning on taking a trip back to the vineyard to buy a whole lot more (He also has an invitation to a dinner with one of the town mayors to cash in!).

Yesterday morning I had to go out and get more milk, I walked in the snow to the German grocery store that is nearby to us and on my way back I slipped on the ice and landed on my bum. Grocery fail. I have a bruise and groceries went flying. Mikey was upset and scared to walk on the ice after that so I had to carry him the rest of the way home, he's getting way too heavy for that. But he did give me a big kiss to make it all better after I hurt myself.

Tesco (British grocery store) has started a ban on wearing pajamas in their store. Good, I don't get why people would ever want to leave the house in their pajamas, let alone go grocery shopping in them. I was quite surprised on hearing this news, it's not something I ever really saw people do in England but I saw a number of Americans in their pajamas at Walmart when we lived in Texas. Seriously, it takes like 5 minutes to throw on jeans and a shirt, there's no excuse.

Thanks to my aforementioned friend who showed me a website called Knock Off Wood, I now have in mind a console table for the newly bare part of my livingroom (where my desk used to be). After that I'm hoping to move on to build some bookshelves, then to get enough courage to build an entire diningroom table and benches. I need some tools though, I have some but I need more complicated tools for these. Shame I'm  going to have to hide in the basement to build them as we've nowhere else to do it! It's easy to build stuff right? It would just be like putting together IKEA furniture except you have to cut the wood yourself, no problem! (I think I live in a dream world sometimes).

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