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weekends suck

I've started and abandoned several blog posts in the past few days. Spewing out negativity as always, complaining about neighbours, noise, smoke from grills. I'm like an old lady or something.

Rare is the occasion that Mikey plays quietly with his toys, giving me the chance to sit and write. Normally it is reserved for when he is in bed, thoughts snatched between his various wakings throughout the night. I find that I have trouble sleeping now, it never used to be a problem, but even when he is sleeping it takes me a good 30 minutes or more to drift off no matter how exhausted I am.

But he is playing quietly now. I'm listening to a Cat Power covers record, the windows are all open and the fresh air is flowing through the house. It's a beautiful day outside too, I think we're going to go and play in the playground a bit later.

Weekends are the worst time during a deployment. There's something lonely about seeing all of the other soldiers home with their families, when mine is not. Or seeing the dads outside in the playground with their kids. On weekends I just want to hibernate until he is home. I always think I'm doing very well until Saturday morning arrives.

I am sick of this blog layout. I suppose I should spend this evening updating my code, I have some idea in mind although I'm certainly rusty at best with this coding malarkey. We'll see.

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