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4am Wake-up Call

This photo was taken yesterday, whilst attempting to document his newly discovered love of fridge magnets (Apparently they're the best toy ever, but only after working out that only the black side sticks to the fridge).

Who could resist that little face? Even at 4am? Me apparently.

Mikey woke up early, I'm not sure how early. He woke me at 4am by jumping on my back and when I finally got up and turned on the bedroom light I could see he'd already been up a while. He had emptied several of the dresser drawers in the bedroom, as well as ripping up some papers he had found on my bedside table and relocating some of my books.

I have no idea how I didn't wake up. He must have sneaked out of the bed like a ninja. Yes we've been sharing a bed again, he wakes in his crib at about midnight and I am so tired I just bring him to bed with me. The sleep training did not go down well with anyone in the near vicinity so I guess it will have to wait, despite the fact that he is a horrible co-sleeper this is the only way at the moment that I can get at least 4 hours of consecutive sleep.

It's 6am now and he appears to be content with his early wake up. He's standing on the chair at our window, watching the lights of the cars that drive past. This is another of his new found fascinations and it's especially exciting when emergency vehicles drive past with their lights flashing. As soon as we came out of the bedroom he crawled over to the chair and climbed up.

I'm watching old movies on MGM. Probably the only good thing about being up this early, I can get some of my old movie fix. I can see the sky outside is starting to get light, it's at that pretty dark blue phase right now. It'll soon be officially morning and I will be ready for a nice nap.

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