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One Day

One day I'll get more than 4 hours of consecutive sleep. One day.

If I keep telling myself that then it will come true. There must be some way of fixing this sleep problem Mikey has. I can see why people used to give their children alcohol to help them sleep, back in the day.

Letting him cry worked really well when we first did it. It took a while, but the whole family was so much better off with that extra sleep. Then with deployment it all got messed up again, the neighbours complained about his crying and now I'm too scared they'll complain again to let him cry. I honestly don't know why I care so much, I'm driving myself and Mikey crazy to appease some people we don't even really know. I need to go down there and have a nice talk with them about how they should maybe buy some earplugs. In fact I'll do that tomorrow.

I'm kinda of nostalgic for late nights, coffee drinking and writing. They're impossible at the moment, I've been going to bed between 9 and 10pm every night just so I have enough energy for Mikey's wakings.

One Day...

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