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March 2

Freshly ground coffee, thanks to the gift of a coffee grinder from some friends, and Schoko Brotchen for breakfast. Perfect.

I've been feeling very tired recently, I feel like I'm in slow motion, as though I am on the very edge of the beginning of being ill. I have been like it for a while so I don't really think I'm coming down with anything but that wont stop me from saying to my husband, "You know, I think I must be coming down with something," every couple of days.

My excitement for Spring has caught up with me, I have been trying to fit in too many things that I decided I needed to do before it arrived and I'd just quite like to have a nice rest instead. My husband is leaving on Wednesday for a week long trip to the States for his little sister's wedding. She is getting married to the son of American missionaries living in Africa whom she met at Bible College, he is a lovely young man and I am sure that they will be very happy together, I'm excited for them embarking on this new stage of life together. I am very sad that I cannot be there for the wedding, but immigration issues stop me from re-entering the States until my Citizenship Application clears.

Instead of going with him, Mikey and I will stay behind and try to have some restful time between seasons before we start to pick up the rhythms of Spring. These bright and breezy days we've been having are perfect for opening up all the windows in the apartment, banishing the last little parts of winter that may be lurking in the corners and dusting the hibernation cobwebs out of our minds.

I finished my knitted camera strap cover yesterday, it's very plain but I quite like the minimalism.

It's surprisingly difficult to get a photo of it when it's attached to my camera, sorry about that.

It was very easy, kind of like knitting a sock. I wont give you specific directions because it was so easy that seems pointless, but if you want to make one of your own you need to cast on enough stitches so that the width doubles around the strap and can be sewn together to make a tube. Then knit a row, purl a row, repeat, until it is as long as you want it to be, cast off and sew up the seam. You could get all fancy with different stitches if you like, I might make another one in a spiral rib pattern.

I'm also in the market for a new camera bag, I've seen some beautiful handmade ones on Etsy and of course those lovely Jill-e bags, but sadly they are all out of my price range. I love this idea though of turning a regular purse into a camera bag, except she says that she uses the foam that's used in ironing board covers for the padding and I don't think that's protective enough. I would probably use wetsuit material or the stuff they make camping mats from.

We bought our new car yesterday and it will be ready in 2 weeks. This is what it looks like:

It's pretty perfect for our little family and drives like a dream. There is more space inside it than you'd think for a Mini, it's our little Tardis.

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