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February 17

Yesterday the snow was beginning to melt and the sun was shining beautifully. Mikey and I ventured from our nest and blinked our eyes in the bright sunlight. We dressed up warmly in coats, hats and gloves and carefully peered out of the door to our stairwell.
The snow was melting! Icy water was running down from the roof and dripping slowly off of the very tips of the icicles hanging there. We tested the snow on the ground with our boots, it was still frozen but slippery where the sun reached across it. Carefully, on tip-toes, we held hands and walked across the snow. We walked all the way to a nearby cemetery, passing cars, bicycles, buses, trams and doggies on our journey.

We slowly walked through the cemetery collecting leaves, twigs and pebbles as we went. Mikey had brought his little shopping bag and carefully placed each treasure inside it to bring home with him. We sat quietly on a bench and watched the birds at a feeder nearby, there were crows, sparrows, finches and even one of the naughty escaped parakeets from the local zoo.

On the way home Mikey noticed a playground, he pointed and started shouting "Mummy, Slide! Slide!" so we stopped to play for an hour or so in the sunshine.


I asked Mikey if he ever wanted to leave the playground and he said no, but sadly it was close to naptime so we had to say goodbye.

We arrived home and curled up on the couch to eat some homemade rice pudding with nutella swirled in it before taking a lovely long afternoon nap.

Later in the evening our neighbour's children found a black cat in a tree outside our apartment. She was cold, hungry and seemed lost. We put her on the ground after getting her out of the tree, expecting her to go home, but she didn't seem to know where to go and just hung around us. It was getting dark so I decided to bring her indoors and feed her, she wolfed down the food and drank lots of water. She was so friendly and we kept her overnight, Mikey followed her around saying "Kitty! Kitty!", threw a little ball for her to chase, laughed and pet her saying "gentle, gentle". She snuck into our bedroom during the night and slept above my husbands head as if she belonged there. In the morning she curled up on my lap while I drank my coffee, purring loudly and marching/kneading on my stomach with sharp little claws.

We are going to take her to the shelter so that they can check if she has a chip. If we cannot locate her owners then we will be keeping her. I kind of hope we get to keep her, she is beautiful and Mikey loves her very much.


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