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Weekend Ramblings

I changed my blog layout slightly. I gave it a bit of a colour makeover, to go with the weather. Purple and Brown to me are quite autumn-y winter-y colours. Tweaked the pictures in my header etc to put in autumn plants instead of spring/summer plants too. I'm pretty pleased with it.

Yesterday Mikey and I took the long walk to the Farmers market in Neuenheim. It was a bit cold, especially when we got out onto the bridge, but we had fun.

That's the farmer's market in the background there. It was cute. I bought a few veggies and suchlike, nothing major, although I really wanted to buy some of the homemade cheese they had.

On the way back we walked past this awesome bookshop.

We went out onto the river bank here. Mikey laughed at the ducks going upside down in the water to look for food, then we were chased by a huge goose.


This is the view from the bridge on the way back. The mist on the hills looked beautiful.

We went into town from there and bought some bread from a bakery. I got some winter boots too (finally, been searching for some for what seems like forever!)

Sunday has been spent relaxing and playing in the house. Looking up pianos and keyboards online as it's about time we bought one. My husband plays beautifully, I play averagely and I'm betting that Mikey will love it. We want a real piano, but with the time and money spent moving the thing around and having it tuned we may as well buy a keyboard for now.

Time to do a big clean-up this afternoon, the work is never done.

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