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Random Tuesday Thoughts 4


I'm sitting down with a lovely cup of cappuccino, made with my new stovetop espresso pot, to write this. Yum.

This is Mikey's favourite cartoon in the whole world. He got a DVD of it from Grandma and Granddad for his birthday and he requests it constantly. In fact we've had more than one temper tantrum when he asks to watch it by pointing at the TV and yelling "ELLIE! ELLIE!" and mummy says no. I know, I'm such a mean mummy. He also does the Pocoyo dance like in this episode.

We've been reading a lot of Beatrix Potter. I get to hone up on my storytelling voice, I should record a tape of my Britspeak or something. I absolutely adore reading these. The language is just beautiful to read aloud and the pictures are lovely.

I have this t shirt, are you jealous?

The past two afternoons Mikey and I have been jumping in piles of leaves and hunting for snails. Don't worry he doesn't get to touch the snails, he just points and says "ewwwww". Mikey's older friend and I buried him in a gigantic pile of leaves, showed him to jump in them and to throw huge piles of them. We also collected helicopter seeds in a bag, Mikey's friend climbed to the top of the playground equipment while we stayed at the bottom, then she dumped them all out and they flew down to us.

While Mikey was playing on the playground I drew a huge bird with sidewalk chalk on the playground. I can see it from my house.

Hubby starts school tonight. He's taking Criminal Justice classes (or something along those lines). He has to be there at like 5.30, so I have to cook dinner ready for him to get home. I don't know why but I really hate doing that, it feels so lonely cooking when there's no one around.

My house is in a disgusting state right now. I'm kinda mortified about it.

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