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A day in the life

My father in-law left for Chicago on Sunday, my mother in-law is still here until next Thursday. We've been keeping very busy, cooking, baking, exploring, shopping. Mikey loves having his Vóvó (Portuguese for Grandma) here, he yells for her when we get up on the morning and he is enjoying his adventures. He has learned quite a few new words, being around all this noise and conversation recently. He can say Vovo and Vóvó. "Birdy" and "Baby" sound more pronounced than they used to. He can say "Choo choo" (train) and now says "Nee Naw" even when he sees an emergency vehicle go past without its lights going.

We've had coffee and breakfast at a cute bakery/cafe on Rohrbacher Straße, their bread is wonderful too. I'm making soup tonight, so we're going to head down there later and pick up some more bread.


 And been for adventures, jumping in leaves, playing with trees, collecting horse chestnuts (conkers in Brit Speak) and talking with German ladies in their allotments.


My German is really coming along these days. I studied it (along with French and Latin) years ago in school but I'd forgotten most of the German. Now I can have a sort of half conversation, although mine is very formal and I don't really know a lot of conversational German. But I'm trying!

Oh yeah, and a photo collection wouldn't be complete for me without a flower photo!

I'm also working on setting up my own indoor lighting box for taking my macro and food photos. Hurrah!

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