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Interneting Once Again

Hello world.

I am back. I know you're so glad to have me back.

Now that I have returned to the ways of interneting I am hoping that I will produce a much more balanced and productive lifestyle of being able to conduct everything I enjoy from the position of 'crouched over desk' which is a new yoga pose I've just declared.

But no, seriously to be honest now that I am back from that dusy place life has taken a musical turn and I have been trying to spend more time writing songs and lyrics and then reocrding them with a good friend of mine from work. *shifty eyes* That and Mikey likes listening to me play now. Or maybe its just because he THINKS that i'm watching him play when he points at my guitar until I grab it off the bookshelf and then he drags me into his room to play with his special 'in his room toys' while i sit on the chair and try to write something that doesn't make Bex cringe.

So the best and weirdest thing about being back I think is spending time with Bex and Mikey. Even though I'm not always really actively doing something with them (i.e. occasionally i build lego things for mikey to destroy and i.e. occasionally Bex and i will talk and I will actually respond with more than the obligatory yes dear, sounds good, ok, yep, etc.)

It just feels a bit weird still, like we're still getting used to each other again, however it's great to be able to wake up in the morning with Mikey kicking me in my side and Bex yelling at him to go back to sleep and me just being pleased that I'm not getting woken up by my static alarm having to put on a dusty uniform and walk to work hungry wishing the DFAC wasn't a mile away. It's nice to have someone to argue with again that's not a co-worker or a subordinate or...other things...

It's nice to eat WONDERFUL FOOD.

Although i haven't posted the picture on here yet of the nice meal that I cooked. Bex said she liked it...mikey didn't though.

Hrm I seem to naturally write mikey with a little 'm'. Maybe it's because he is a little man. Hmmm

So yes. Back and returned. Muwhahahahaahahahahahah! Boom!

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