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Worked up just a bit

So the first thing I'm hoping for is something big, and hopefully something that will actually happen because it would be amazing. Yes, that's right people, that thing we've all been quietly hoping and praying for:

The downfall, of the music industry.

Just imagine it, we could go back to listening to music that's good instead of listening to what we're told is good music. Imagine a world where when you buy a CD for eight bucks, eight of those dollars goes to the musician! A world of music that is innovative and fresh and inspiring, instead of tried and true "another Nickelback single will net us 2 million!" gems we keep hearing on the radio.

I mean, with the economy the way it is, and with music sales declining in the last 5 years along with silly things like major media companies suing the owners of well-known torrent site The Pirate Bay for damages, in addition to the inability of the music industry to make money off of a band without destroying its creativity...well, lets just say that its a shaky road for the future of giant corporations like Clear Channel in the near future.

Thank God.

Maybe this will lead to an ear of more internet sharing! Let the music be spread! Let it go back to what it was originally all about: Mix tapes and people huddled around a pair of speakers somewhere sharing a peice of music, laid out on top of a car blasting your favorite song at the moon while you talked among friends about the meaning of life and how this song effected your view on it.

Maybe we'll get back to where musicians are musicians again instead of assholes who want to make money easy to support their dream lifestyle of women with breast implants and cars made out of aluminum.


I hope so.

The world is at an odd split right now with music it seems. Indie flicks, along with random big production hours movies here and there like Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist have been getting it right lately. Where's the divide? I've been out of the music loop for so long i couldn't tell you what's trendy or what's new or what the kids are listening to now. I know that I'm still listening to the things that were important to me when I was 18. Because, aren't those the most important songs anyway? Forever? However, I know there are people out there who grew up as little kids stealing their older brothers' Sunny Day Real Estate and Get Up Kids albums that are 18 now and are making music and I bet that music is the stuff I want to be listening to now.

Where is music headed?

Somewhere, and I'll keep my fingers crossed and watch the stocks and the day that the music industry goes under is the day I'll be singing at the top of my lungs somewhere.

The other thing. Read PLAY magazine. It rocks.

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