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Car boot Sale

This morning we went to a car boot sale. It was early in the morning and absolutely freezing cold, but worth braving. Our spoils were great, I think Mikey lucked out the most. He got a load of toys and a couple of books. The books were five pence each and the toys ranged from 30 pence to a couple of pounds each. He played with one of the toys, a sort of wooden alphabet abacus shaped type thing, for the whole morning after we got home and washed it. He also got a toy train with animals, a little bench to hit shapes through with a hammer and some wooden matching game.

I managed to acquire two more antique cameras. They were 5 pounds each. I missed out on a third because a man got there before me. Shame, the third one looked really nice too.

Mamiya 4B/Rank Mamiya, 1963
Bencini Comet S, 1950
They're not in as good condition as the ones in the photographs. The man said they worked, but obviously we'll have to wait and see. The Mamiya takes 35mm film and the Comet takes 127 film, the latter I am not sure where to buy but I'll find something I'm sure. Here's a flickr set I found of photos taken by a Bencini Comet S, I'm excited about getting to use it.

While looking around I also found the Flickr Camera Museum. Some nice cameras, worth a look.

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