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So after about a month of hard, long, and extremely humorous readings I have finally caught up on EVERY Penny Arcade comic on their Archive over the last 10 years. 10 years of funny comics about games/gamers are now a firm part of my humor archives and I am sure will have negative effects on myself and everyone around me for years and years to come.

I've discovered that I have been starting to treat games the way that a lot of people treat movies. They watch it, they buy it, then they shelve it along with the rest of their DvDs until...until...one day you pull down that beloved copy of Mega Man 2 off of your virtual console bookshelf for the low cost of 5 bucks and for the next few hours relieve the same joy and happiness you felt as 8 year old playing it oh so long ago...tears ran down my cheeks.

Mega Man 2 taught me a very plain and simple truth, that you only need two buttons on a goddamn controller.

Jump, and Pwn.

Also during my Mega Man 2 spree the other night, I remember saying this over and over

"I'm old now! WHY ISN'T THIS ANY FUCKING EASIER!?!?!?!?"

I'm afraid that even though i already have all of the Roms for NES and SNES on my computer and I could go get another HDMI cable and just plug my computer into my TV and play with my dual analog logitech game pad thing...I'm afraid that the virtual console makes it way too encouraging to buy old games I could be playing for free.

Games with names of legend, like fucking Ninja Gaiden, The Legend Of Zelda, Super Metroid. Games that make you shiver with joy at the sight of them.

At least for me.

Been playing Super Mario RPG too, a game that is pure genius. Why you ask? Well for one, there aren't 45 minute long boss fights or spell animations that last longer than the life span of my 1 year old child, and there's no confusing stat concepts or weird upgrade systems. It's an RPG, in it's most basic and gratifying form. Good characters, good story, constant power-ups, and the pacing is just perfect.

Pacing people pacing.

Anyway, i'm done. I have to go see my lawer now about laws and money and damn cars again.

Then when i get home. It's zombie killing time.

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