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Things have been pretty hectic around the house lately. Raidhyn is getting ready for deployment, lots of shiny new army gear for him to play with. I'm making a vague attempt to organise myself to be able to essentially make the transition to "single mom" for 6 months. However I'm not very good at being organised.

Raidhyn will be away next week for training, then we have 1 week of leave to spend together before he leaves. Maaaaaaaan.... I guess I'm just in denial or something. I've been reading a lot of deployment related literature online. You know what sucks? Searching for stuff related to military marriage and deployment brings up all of the forum posts, blogs etc about nasty husbands and wives cheating on one another during deployment. I don't want to read that shit thanks. Urgh, seriously.

In other news, the Mikey monster is getting freakin' molars. He has 3 now and another on its way up. Wow, he's angry about it too, his gums are all swollen and look painful so I'm not suprised. But despite the anger, we've had some cute moments. Still no walking, he's doing it on purpose now I'm sure. He'll stand up, and he has such a nice straight back when he stands, I'll hold out my hands for him to hold and he'll shake his head and say "Uh", which I guess means no. Then he'll craw away giggling.

Or if I actually managed to get him to hold my hands he'll get what we like to call "Jelly Legs", and will just refuse to stand up altogether.

He is however enjoying his newly found skill of climbing. I'm just waiting until he works out how to climb out of his crib. His favourite game at the moment seems to be "I'm gonna get you". Which involves me saying "I'm gonna get you" and him crawling away at top speed to close the door behind him before trying to hide on the bed in my bedroom. He'll then roll around on the bed giggling and trying to throw pillows at me until I "get him". Then I take him back to the livingroom and we start all over. It's cute, but tiring after the 50th time or so. I don't know where he gets the energy, I'm embarrassed to say that I sometimes have trouble catching him. He crawls so fast now that he's worn holes in the knees of some of his pajamas, I half expect him to set on fire from the friction.

Messing up the newly made bed after "helping" me clean the bedroom. You can see the floor now!

Look at that cheeky mister. He can soooo walk. I bet he runs around when I'm not looking. And wow, he looks so old in that one. Weird.

And after a hard days work there's nothing better than snuggling up with your favourite.... guitar.
That's actually his very own nylon stringed guitar, he got it for Christmas after he hurt his hands playing with daddy's metal stringed guitar.

Today we were looking at some of his photos from after he was born. I still can't believe how small he was and how huge he has grown in just over a year.

In the NICU... A day or so after birth. 4lbs 6oz.

Just over a month old... he he hadn't been home from the hospital for long. He was about 5lbs here I think. Look at those little hands.

And I had to put that one in because it's my favourite picture of him ever. He looks like such an angel, it's difficult to believe what a horrible colicky baby he was! haha.

Ok I'm done being nostalgic now.

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