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We got word on Monday that Raidhyn will be deploying in 4 weeks.

Honestly, we have the most extreme luck in the entire world ever. Nothing normal ever seems to go down in this house. Our luck can be amazingly good, or disgustingly bad but never in between.

Our luck can sometimes seem bad, but in actual fact turn out to be amazing.

The latter is the case here.

It sucks that he's going to be gone, but we're military and it comes with the territory. We managed to get away with him not deploying for the first 2 years of our marriage. He was able to be here for the birth, NICU hospitalisation and first year and a half(ish) of our son's life. I wouldn't have been able to do that without him.

At least he's going to Iraq and not Afghanistan. He's only going to be gone for half a tour as the unit he will be providing PA support for has already done half a tour. So that's 6 months instead of 12. That is amazing and I'm truly thankful for it. It's funny how something that would truly suck for a non-military couple seems like such good luck to us. I know so many military couples have it a lot harder than we have.

So now I guess I have to step up and get ready to transition to single parent mode for 6 months. I can no longer get away with being such a recluse because, as much as I try to deny it, I will need adult contact. I will have no one when he is gone. That's sort of scary for me. I mean, I'll have to make myself talk to people I don't know... strangers... eep! The dreaded playgroups I mentioned in an earlier post? Yeap, I'm going to have to go to them.

And just as I started to get to grips with his work camera he will be taking it with him. Gah!

But you know what? Oh yeah, I'm keeping the Wii. And the Xbox.

And I'll finally have a clean house. Maybe.

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