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Bloody Politics

I always used to say that I never wanted to get into politics.

I used to say the same thing about never wanting to smoke cigarettes and now here I am...smoking a pack a day.

Today I argued the fact that someone who can shoot bad guys with deadly efficiency while also being able to solve complex theoretical math equations must be spot on. Of course it was said as a joke to make the lovely lady wife smile it's still definitely very true. I mean come on.

So yes Matt, thank you, of all people, for de-sensationalizing all of this ridiculous news media hype over how great Sarah Palin is. Because to be honest I can't find anything interesting or exciting about the lady. Watching her speech during the coverage of the RNC was like listening to that one teacher we all had in college. You know the one, the teacher who was 'overly-excited' about his/her class and very enthusiastic but looked and sounded completely empty-headed while saying it.

Or maybe it's just her accent that kills me.

Maybe it's how when she talks she has to keep up with her teleprompter...

Or maybe it's how she's a right wing God fearing conservative christian good 'ol girl...who's just as crooked as everyone else. Don't get me talking about the bridge money stealing debacle or the bloody book banning.

Ok, well really quick about the book banning thing.

Asking a librarian a rhetorical question (actually hypothetical but whatever) along the lines of 'what would you say if I wanted to ban books from our library' is roughly equivalent to asking a Soldier 'what if i asked you to kill off some of your squad members.'

Or maybe 'what would you say to me wanting to take away some of your children' to a family.

Seriously. I don't care if she didn't ban them, simply bringing up the subject should eliminate any kind of plausibility the woman has as to upholding the constitution - which by the way has things like freedom of speech in it.

But we don't care about freedom of speech, nah, we care more about lipstick and lying. Lots of lying.

But thank you Palin. Thank you for being another person in the public scene that makes people who believe in God look like assholes.

It's very very irritating.

And thanks republicans for being lying bastards.

To be honest when I woke up this morning to go on Drudge I felt ill at the sight of the headline going something about Top Democrats feel that Obama is 'slipping.' And more stuff about pigs and lipstick and the republicans (who are so nice, and conservative) launching attack ads and demands for apologies.

Then i saw this video and felt alot better.

So I'll tell you right now that I'm not a registered Democrat. I registered under independent because I don't care about parties, I care about people. I know how much charisma is actually worth in the real world because I lived off of it for about a year or so.

A person becomes the president.

And seriously, the best person for this thing is Obama. Why? Because he's real, and if I was a foreign leader talking to him about why I shouldn't invade American I'm pretty
sure that he could talk me out of it. McCain would send in the entire Department of Defense, Palin would shoot you with a rifle and then grab earmarks, but Obama would talk you out of it.

Besides all that, it'd be nice to have a president that I'd clamor to see when he came to visit where I'm stationed instead of trying to avoid the task of media escorts, Media Ops Center setup, and photo support.

To clarify. As a Soldier I serve the Army and the Commander and Chief who is the president. When Bush said "Let's go to Iraq" everyone went to Iraq. When I joined and the Army said, "We're not sending you to Iraq, you're going to Kosovo!" There i went.

Soldiers follow orders. That doesn't mean we like them or the people who give them.

In anycase, I've tried hard not to turn this into a rant.

My Apologies. The Republican party has been rubbing off on me.

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