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March 7


On Saturday morning our plans to visit the farmer's market were thwarted. We awoke, wondering why it was so bright in the house, and glanced out of our living room window to see branches, heavily laden with snow. It had snowed several inches overnight and more fluffy white flakes were still falling.

Mikey saw the snow and shouted "Mummy, snow! snow! snow!" He would not stop shouting until we got dressed and found our snow boots, he put his on all by himself. Mummy fumbled for her coffee as she was not yet awake, while Mikey stood at the door still shouting. We walked outside in the snow for about an hour, wandering around our military housing complex, Mikey kicking the snow with his little blue boots and chasing the few birds that had dared venture out. On the way back we came across Sarah outside with her lovely dog, Beni, who was very excited to see Mikey and licked his face.

  Someone seriously needs to tell me how to properly expose for snow.

When we got home, after we'd unraveled ourselves from our snow-cover layers, Mikey did some watercolour painting while mummy worked on fixing up his toy box bench, cutting foam and fabric to make the seat cushion.


The toy box has been sanded down to take the gloss off, it just needs some primer and paint now. Sadly it's a mixture of solid wood and wood veneer so I can't just sand it right down and stain it.

The seat cushion also needs to be painted. I wanted to paint some elephants on there because they're Mikey's favourite animal but I tried to draw some elephant outlines and they're really not all that good, they looked somewhat like demented trees. I am thinking that I will perhaps paint some birds on there instead as they're a little easier for me to draw. I'm hoping to get it all finished this weekend, but I may need to enlist the help of a friend to watch Mikey while I go to the basement to spraypaint.

I know I'm posting this at an insane hour (it's 3.40am here) but Mikey woke up and I've just been on the phone to my mother in-law, talking about my sister in-law's wedding. Then I called my husband (who was in a bar in Chicago with his brother, cousin and friend. tsk tsk!). Now I'm not tired at all, I'm going to regret this tomorrow (today?) I'm sure.

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