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February 10

Here we go again. We thought that perhaps the snow had left us for the rest of the year, but this morning  it snowed again. Big fluffy balls of snowflakes fell in flurries, once again coating everything pristine white.

We have construction work in our stairwell at the moment, so to avoid the constant noise of drilling and hammering Mikey an I took the snow as an excuse to go out and play. The construction workers laughed at us when we headed out the door, wrapped from head to toe. They laughed when we came back in an hour later, stomping snow from our boots on the door mat and brushing it from our hats.

I was intending to head into downtown today to buy some more knitting needles, perhaps I will catch the bus later. The snow makes me want to go outside and play in it, but then come back inside and snuggle under a blanket with some hot tea and watch BBC Planet Earth with Mikey. It's certainly not the sort of weather I enjoy running errands in, but I do need some new larger sized needles so that I can work on my latest knitting project.

Mikey found some paper decoupage beads that I had been using to make a necklace, he said "Snow! Snow!", threw them all around and then said "Uh Oh, snow...". He's always taller than I expect these days, I think I've put things out of reach and there he is with them in his curious little hands.

As much as I enjoy playing outside with Mikey in the summer, there's something about these snowy days that I love just as much.

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