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Resolution - Words to Live By

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I'm not a huge fan of New Years Resolutions, mostly because I tend to break them within a few days of making them. This year I wanted to just think of something less specific, after all what is the point in making goals that you know you'll never achieve?

So I thought I would consider some words to live by in 2010. I thought of some inspiring quotes and came across this one from Eleanor Roosevelt -

"Happiness is not a goal; it is a by-product."

I would like to be happy in 2010, but it shouldn't be my goal, it should be a by-product of my goal.

I have things to look forward to in 2010, another year in Germany, my sister-in-law's wedding, my husband passing the entrance requirements and getting selected for his new MOS (fingers crossed) or if he doesn't get in then he'll be in line for another promotion, our third wedding anniversary, me finishing school (hopefully). But these aren't really goals, they are just things that will (or will not) happen.

I'd like to finishing some knitting projects this year, sew myself a dress, do more yoga, kick the sugar addiction, read some more wonderful books, involve myself in more creative endeavors, cook amazing food, have a simpler life and follow more of a natural rhythm.

On thinking over those things, my word to live by in 2010 seems more obvious and it's a word I've already used a lot in 2009 since my OCD diagnosis and treatment.


/ˈmaɪndfəl/ [mahynd-fuhl]
attentive, aware, or careful (usually fol. by of): mindful of one's responsibilities.

1375–1425; late ME mindeful.

Related forms:
mind⋅ful⋅ly, adverb
mind⋅ful⋅ness, noun

heedful, thoughtful, regardful.

In 2010 I aim to be more mindful in my everyday life, in my parenting, in my marriage, in my creative projects, in taking care of myself.

Happy New Year,
What are your words to live by in 2010?

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I am a 24 year old British stay at home mother to a two year old boy. Married to a U.S. soldier and currently living in Germany.

I have seen the Vatican from the very top of St Peter's Basilica, the mud in the World War I trenches outside Ypres. I have walked through Montmartre side streets bustling with people in the evening, gotten lost in the streets of Greenwich Village NYC, run through cornfields on the Welsh border and sat outside with a cup of tea watching fireflies in the fields of the outer Chicago suburbs.

I have held the hands of others through addiction, fear, suicide, despair and come out the other side. I have left everything behind to begin anew.
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