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Random Tuesday Thoughts 7

The MacBook is back from the dead! Thanks to the lovely young man at the PowerZone on post who let me fiddle around with parts of the display computers and my computer to discover what was wrong and then finding me a new power cord, which was the problem. The wires had broken off inside. I never ever thought I'd actually be praising the PowerZone.

The past two days I've been cuddling with Mikey on the couch, poor little boy has been very sick. On Sunday he woke up lethargic with a burning fever, he couldn't keep any food or liquid down for most of the day and projectile vomited on me several times.  On Monday he was a little better, his fever was still there but lower and we watched cartoons and drank copious amounts of tea. The husband said to me as he made a huge mug of tea, "More Tea equals More Better." He's so right.

So I haven't managed to get anything much done, but that's alright I guess. I had intended to have a baking day on Sunday, but I'll be doing that this afternoon instead. Lots of cookies for the husband to take to the office with him, aren't I a good little wifey? Secretly I will eat half of them myself.

What? This winter is a cold one, I need the extra fat layers.

I did manage to get some knitting done though, have you any idea how difficult it is to knit when you have a little boy who likes to be involved in everything? It's slow going and tangled. I should have my little project done by the new year. I'll show you when it's finished, it's one of my secret projects.

Loving this Van Gogh sketch and letter.

Parsonage garden with trees in blossom

To Theo from Nuenen
April 1884

"I send you herewith a croquis of a painting I’m working on with some others — this is an effect of trees in blossom in the late afternoon. [..]

You mustn’t, whatever you do, think that I have great expectations regarding the appreciation of my work — I believe one must be satisfied if one gets to the point where one can persuade a few people of the soundness of what one is striving for and is understood by them, without exaggerated praise.

And the rest is a matter of, if something comes of it so much the better, but something that one should even think about as little as possible. But still I believe the work has to be seen, precisely because the few friends can settle out from the stream of passers-by. One doesn’t have to be guided by what the majority say or do, though."

Did you know? I'm a nerd for technical drawing/illustration, either medical, botanical or machinery. I used to have to do them both for Graphic Design class and Theatre Studies in school and when I worked backstage with the school theatre group.

Isn't this amazing?
Space airship with light charger (faceted), 1953, Karl Hans Janke (who to my astonishment does not have a wikipedia article but does have a website. You should read his biography, he's an interesting man and we don't know a whole lot about him.)

I am also in love with this painting that someone I know put on her facebook recently.

''The Black Brunswicker'' Sir John Everett Millais (1829 – 1898)
 I think I need a copy for my library. But I need a room for a library first. Maybe I'll just get a copy for my livingroom, it can go next to Elvis.

The 3 year anniversary of me leaving behind everyone and everything I knew and traveling with only a single suitcase of possessions from England to the U.S. is coming up at the end of this month, and then our third wedding anniversary is a week or so later. Eeep!

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