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A Makeshift Christmas: Paper Snowflakes

You all know how to make paper snowflakes right? Well I made a whole load of them to hang up in Mikey's room.

Don't they look lovely?

I purposefully made them more intricate than regular paper snowflakes, it's fiddly but you just cut in swirls and things instead of the normal triangles when making your snowflake. I used coloured craft paper, it's a little thicker than regular paper so I had to use real sharp scissors to cut out the pattern.

Then I attached some twine to the curtain on each window, this would have been easier if w had curtain poles. Using some old clothespegs I attached to snowflakes to the twine.

Mikey loved it, he said "Ooooooh!" and wanted daddy to pick him up to look at it.

I started sewing some of my stuffed fabric ornaments last night. Tried to crochet and failed miserably, it's surprisingly difficult for a left hander to follow right handed patterns, I kept getting very confused.

When I do my laundry later I'm also going to be felting some woolen snowballs. Still lots to do but I'm getting closer every day! Really enjoying making all of our decorations, I must admit though that we cheated a little and bought some little handcarved wooden ornaments from the Weinachtmarkt on Saturday evening. We couldn't resist, they were so cute!

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