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Christmas Shopping Days

This morning I woke up early, it was still dark. I opened up the windows in the livingroom to let in some cool air and spent an hour stretching and doing yoga. It was divine.

The rest of the day the weather has been good, crisp and cold but the sun has been shining. This afternoon Mikey and I did a little of our Christmas shopping. I got some gifts and also some yarn to make some more Christmas decorations. I'm going to attempt to crochet, it's going to be interesting. That is of course after I finish making my wreath and the decorations for Mikey's room. After the crochet I'm going to have a go at sewing some little stuffed Christmas shapes. We have still yet to get a tree, I keep hinting at my darling but hints don't seem to work so well. So much to get done, but I'm taking it slow.

On the way to town I got whistled at and yelled at in Italian by two men. Seriously, I'm pushing a toddler in a stroller and you're going to whistle at me?

We wandered around a little of the Weinachtmarkt, but decided to save the rest for next Saturday so that husband creature can come with us. The decorations in Heidelberg are always so pretty, there were a lot of street performers too, Mikey loved them and it reminded me a lot of Covent Garden in London.

We stopped for something to eat and something warm to drink, then went to look at clothes (Mummy has to look at clothes. Half of mine are ready to fall apart while I'm wearing them). In the underwear department Mikey was accosted by a 4 year old German girl. They stood talking to one another for about 10 minutes, the girl in German and Mikey in toddler-ese. They both thought the other was pretty hilarious. While looking at clothes we met another British lady (from Liverpool judging by the accent) with another toddler. The toddlers chatted with one another while the mummys chatted. Before we knew it it was already dark out so we walked home. A drunk Irishman nearly tripped over Mikey's stroller and said good morning to us.

After Spaghetti Marinara for dinner and some playing with the Mikey monster, we put him down for bed and I'm now sat here with the husband. We are both enjoying a lovely mug of hot chocolate and relaxing. This is what it's about.

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