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Random Tuesday Thoughts 6


It's that time again folks!

This morning a man with a tractor vacuum type thing came and stole all of our leaves!

I am beyond upset... even though they were wet and starting to rot. He messed up the grass too, now it resembles a mud pit. Time for mud pies maybe?

I am obsessing over Origami at the moment. Just one of those things I guess.

I mentioned before that Mikey is sick? He's not. He's getting his final molars in, all 4 at once. I haven't slept this little since he was a newborn. Ok that's a lie, I'm not sure I slept at all when he was a newborn. On Saturday night he woke at midnight. He didn't go back to sleep, despite our very best efforts, until 5am. We did watch Monsters Inc though... I think Mikey is in love with B
oo (that's his nickname as well... well he's Boo Monster.)

Isn't Squash awesome? We're going to have had butternut squash two nights in a row. Yesterday was a recipe of my own invention, it involved Butternut Squash and Bacon. I know you're dying to find out what it was. Check back on Friday, I'll be posting the recipe along with my Thanksgiving menu and trial run results. Yes I'm doing trial runs of almost everything! Spaghetti Squash is totally weird. I'm waiting for an excuse to use some in cooking, but haven't found a recipe I like yet.

When the weather starts getting gloomy, I like to crack out the literary classics. I've no idea why I do things this way, but summer tends to be for modern novels and winter for classics. I'm going to be re-reading some Dickens, Austen (even though I don't like her, maybe I've changed my mind since studying her in school. I didn't like soap operas back then). Then on the list we've got some Bronte sisters, Shelley and HG Wells.

You know, camera companies like to trick you. Yes they do. They tell you that you have to spend lots of money on a camera if you want to take good photos. Now if you're a professional then sure. The hubby uses a crazy expensive Nikon army issue camera. And sure, if you have the money to spend on expensive cameras then go for it. I used to have a Canon 350D before it was stolen from the hospital while Mikey was in the NICU. Now I use my vintage film cameras (none of which cost over $10) and my trusty Canon PowerShot SD1000.It wasn't as expensive as the one I just linked to. It was more like $150.  Don't know why that one is so pricey. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a new SLR, but immigration is an expensive business. Trust me when I say I could have bought two of the camera I want and still not reached the amount we're spending on immigration paperwork. True Story.

Anywaaaaay. It's a point and click compact cam... except I use it on manual. Although it would be nice to not have to cheat around the cameras autofocus to get what I want out of it. I have to set it to one point focus... usually in the middle. Focus on exactly what I want with the center point autofocus and then caaaaaaarefully move the camera to the angle I want without changing to distance between the camera and the object. *yawn*

Here are some shots of a couple of my lovely vintage cameras... and a brooch I bought to use in making my scarflet.

Hello Lover.

<3 <3 <3



P.S. I wish to not speak of NaNoWriMo today. Things are not going well with my poor characters.

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