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One of those days...

Ever have one of those days? Stupid question, I'm sure everyone has.

Today I woke up with a sore throat and blocked sinuses. I dragged myself heavily through a day where nothing seemed to go right, I suppose that happens when you're feeling under the weather. I burned my lunch, accidentally put something in the dryer that wasn't meant to be there, Mikey whined all day even at the park. All I wanted to do this evening was curl up in my pajamas with a nice cup of tea, ginger and lemon, perfect for colds. Perhaps re-watch the last episode of Criminal Minds, because my teen crush was in it. Although he's looking a bit worn out these days, I didn't recognise him at first.

Anyway, Mikey had other plans. It's now 11pm and I just got him down to sleep, it's taken since 9pm with plenty of screaming and crying (mostly his).

I'm now finally making my tea and I'm going to lounge around reading some blogs for an hour or so and then go to sleep.

At the moment I'm reading:

Serene Journey
Raptitude and
Zen Family Habits.

Searching for some kind of inspiration.

You know, one thing that went wrong today turned out pretty good anyway. I bought the wrong kind of sugar from the German store on accident, instead of normal granulated I bought sugar lumps. Adding sugar lumps to tea is much more fun that regular sugar, plus if you're so inclined you can try and balance them on the tea bag, watch them soak up the tea and make bets on how long they'll stay there (a surprisingly long time).

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