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Random Tuesday Thoughts 3


You know the phrase "I put my blood, sweat and tears into that"? Well today it was almost true. I built a colouring/nature/activity table for Mikey and cut myself on the wood. Apparently blood stains don't come off of wood that well, I tried. Do you think blood spatter is a bad look for a kids activity table? I think I might just push that side against the wall.

I made Angel Food Cake tonight. My mother in-law helped out. It's cooling right now. I think I may be getting over my baking phobia, in the past couple of weeks I've made a delicious birthday cake, some cheesecake marbled brownies and this angel food cake. All have turned out well so far, which is a huge change from my usual burned rock-like mess.

I have so many crafts and things on my list to get done! I'm knitting myself a scarflet from some beautiful turquoise wool I found on sale, I made some pompom flowers too out of the same wool. Mikey and I collected Horse Chestnuts, tree bark, twigs and some weird seed pods from various parks and paths in town... not sure what we're going to do with those yet. I also have some sewing ideas,  I'm working on designing my own skirt pattern. I got a mini sewing machine for only 10 euros! It surprisingly works really well! I'm kind of excited. What is happening to me?

Last week I decided to try out using that Bloo toilet stuff that turns the water blue. We have a problem with hard water and lime build-up in the toilet so I thought it might help. I has a little, but a few days ago my husband announced "I like peeing more now, it's fun with blue water". Yes dear.

Mikey had his 2 year pedi appointment today. He's such a big boy and was very well behaved for our new pediatrician. I felt like the worst mother when she asked me if I needed to ask her anything else, i said now and then she said "Are you getting his eye fixed?" My baby has something similar to a lazy eye, weak muscles in his left eye which causes it to wander off and do it's own thing. He's had it since birth and I needed to get it check at his 2 year appointment as there was little they could do before then. I forgot to ask, something important that I see every day and I forget. I blame the 7.45 early appointment time!

The well baby appointment was good though, he's still a little behind in speech from his preemie days, but the pedi said "It doesn't matter if they're 2 or 22, boys just prefer to point and grunt rather than talk". Pretty much sums it up I think.

I'm still not really officially back to blogging. My mother in law is here for another few days and then the day she leaves my own parents arrive for a week. So we're still going to be super busy. I'll try to stop by now and then! When everything is calmed down I'll get back to blogging more regularly and commenting on everyone else's blogs (I feel so guilty about that, I still love you all!)

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