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Random Tuesday Thoughts 2


I made myself a new layout, what do you think?

I did it again. I got up at 6am and walked to the doctor for my 8am appointment, only to find that my husband had lied and that my appointment was actually at 11am. Ok so he didn't actually lie, he just thought it really was at 8am. I bought some croissants from a little bakery on the way home. Oh delish. It was a nice walk anyway, plus the croissants were good. So I guess I'll forgive him. Maybe.

Oh and drivers, please use your blinkers on roundabouts. It's not that difficult, pretend like it's a crossroads and indicate the way you are going to go. That way you wont run me down when I cross the road to the right of you, thinking that you're going straight ahead. Thanks. Unless you were intending to run me down, in which case - hahaha you missed!

Kid's shows that I used to watch when I was little, like Fireman Sam and Thomas the Tank Engine, now have token female characters. A female firefighter and a female train. What's up with that? I managed just fine as a little girl without them. And Noddy? Why is it in CGI? I've nothing against CGI (love Pixar films and Pocoyo) but this looks awful, seriously. Mikey loves the commercials for baby dolls that are on when we watch cartoons for an hour in the morning. He says "Ooooh, baby!" and then says "Buh Bye!" when the commercial ends. I'm not sure whether he's hinting that he wants a baby doll or an actual baby sister.

I made my very own homemade pizza on Sunday, for the first time ever. I don't know what possessed me. We didn't have a rolling pin for the dough, as I was trying to press it flat by hand I was cursing and yelling to the husband "I can't do it, it wont go flat! It keeps bouncing back like it's alive! Do you mind mutant pizza? Oh my God I'm so crap at cooking!" He came to my rescue, narrowly averted a pizza related nervous breakdown and decided to pretend that he was a real life Italian pizza maker by spinning the dough in the air. He succeeded in making holes in the dough and not a whole lot else. In the end he decided to use a glass to roll it out. Except it wasn't round like pizza ought to be, it was in fact a flat(-ish) mess. So we used a pizza cutter on the edges and announced that we'd always intended to make a square pizza. It was, however, absolutely delicious when we ate it, no matter how funky it looked. Could have done with more mozzarella, I couldn't resist eating some of it before I put it on, I love fresh mozzarella.

I haven't posted any photos of the little boy in a while, so I'll leave you with these blurry numbers.

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