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Raindrops, brum brum's and visits

European rain makes me feel right at home. Mikey and I walked to the German Grocery store in the rain today to pick up a few necessities. He wore his little boots, raincoat, a hat and looked completely adorable although he was so excited that he wouldn't stand still for a picture. He stuck out his tongue, caught some rain on it and said "Mmmmmmm" (universal word for yummy). He pulled at a leaf and got raindrops on his hand, to which he said "Ewwwwww" before wiping it on my leg. I can thank daddy for teaching him that all important boy skill.
Sunday evening as it was starting to get dark, the three of us walked up to the footbridge that goes over the road minutes away from our apartment. I know, it sounds pretty dull, but Mikey adored it. He poked his nose through the bars on the side of the bridge and pointed at the cars, which had just begun to turn on their lights. He ran back and forth to each side of the bridge to watch the BrumBrum's approach, go under and then come out the other side. He said "Ooooh!" and stamped his little feet in excitement when the traffic lights turned from red, to amber, to green and lots of cars approached all at once. You don't need to travel far or pay out lots of money to entertain kids of his age, watching his excitement makes us all happy, even a couple of random passersby stifled a smile or a chuckle.

The husband left this morning for TDY yet again. Only a few days this time around though. Just enough time for me to get a lot of things done without having him under my feet or messing it all up moments later! He goes TDY a lot I guess, just a part of his particular job in the army. I imagine it would be the same if he were a civilian journalist too. He's covering a story on a sexual harassment/assault seminar over in Garmisch this time. I told him to scope the place out while he's there so we can see about going on a small vacation there early next year.

I've got my trusty TDY chores list written, things I need to get done while he is gone -

Today - Groceries, laundry (colours), sweep floors, tidy bedroom, start article, write blog post. (All completed except for the article which I'm doing later)
Tuesday - Laundry (whites), wash floors, tidy spare room, clean up weird balcony area, finish article.
Wednesday - Dusting, washing baseboards, quick tidy all over, cooking.

The house needs a thorough clean up ready for next month. We have my in-laws visiting. My father in-law for one week, mother in-law for two (arriving together but mother in-law is leaving later) then the day they leave my parents arrive for a weeks stay. My in-laws haven't seen Mikey since he was 10 months old, so they're very excited. We haven't been back to the States to visit because I can't re-enter until I have my citizenship.

It's going to be a busy few weeks when everyone arrives, but I'm looking forward to it.

Oh and by the way. I am drinking a nice cup of tea and eating some jaffa cakes. You can take the girl out of England...

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