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Brum brum

So the hubby is back from TDY and we are both exhausted. Him from running around photographing Soldier of the Year competitions and me from running around after Mikey. His photos from the competition are up here and you should check them out because he did a really good job with them. He finished writing his article today and that's going to go up sometime next week.

You're sick of hearing about Mikey not sleeping right? Me too. I've decided to try a slightly different approach this time and I'm eliminating milk from his diet to see if it helps. He has a myriad of symptoms that could possibly be related to a milk intolerance. Poor baby is totally addicted to the stuff, I tried to fool him with soy milk but he made an unimpressed face at me. He kept asking for milk but all he got was soy, he had to drink it in the end. I did notice that he ate a lot more than usual today, because he wasn't filling himself up with milk instead. Usually he's a bit of a grazer like his mummy. I think we'll give it a few weeks to a month and see how it pans out, the only trouble being I've had to read up on what to feed him to make up for some of the things he will no longer be getting from his milk.

We were at the German grocery store today getting the soy milk and he spotted something that he wanted. Strangely enough it wasn't sweets or chocolate like any normal child, it was some kind of wholegrain cracker type thing that had seeds on it. I can indulge those sorts of wants, haha. He had them for lunch with honey on them and despite getting lots of sticky honey in his hair he really enjoyed them.

We have been playing outside a lot now that the weather is half decent. Mikey has decided that his new favourite thing is to go and walk along the side of the road to watch the cars. After setting the ground rules (hold mummy's hand or we go back inside) and testing the ground rules repeatedly, by him trying pull his hand away from my vice-like grip, we can walk along there quite happily. Mikey likes to stand and wait while all the cars are at the light and then squeal with excitement and yell "BRUM BRUM!" when the light turns green and they come towards us.

I'll leave you with a recent Mikey and mummy conversation -

(Mikey is laying on the floor fussing about something in emo-whine mode)
"Mikey, are you mad at mummy?"
"Uh Huh"
"Can you tell me why you are mad at mummy?"
"Brum Brum brum!"
"You are mad at mummy because of the cars?"
"Uh Huh"
"Do you want to go look at the cars?"
(He looks away from me and hits his little fists on the floor)

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