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to scrump (third-person singular simple present scrumps, present participle scrumping, simple past and past participle scrumped)

UK) IPA: /ˈskɹʌmp/ SAMPA: /"skrVmp/

U.K. steal fruit: to steal fruit, especially apples, from a garden or orchard (informal)

(According to Urban Dictionary there's also a dirty meaning that I never knew about, but let's just ignore that.)

Acting on a tip off from the neighbour's kids, I found a plum tree. Their youngest said to me "I've eaten so many plums this morning that I feel ill!"
We covertly swapped information, I know about some wild blackberries and an allotment that has a huge peach tree overhanging the fence. The blackberries aren't ripe yet, I'll have to go back and collect some when they are. I'm going to make some blackberry jam. The peaches looked ripe and they're just waiting to be made into a Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce. The plums will also be made into jam.

There are lots of Elderberries too, good for elderberry wine. Earlier next year I'll have to catch them in flower and make some Elderflower Cordial. We are going to be swimming in fruit products, how awesome!

There's a photo version of this post on the photoblog. I'm going to be using this cute image link I made at the bottom of posts that are linked to my photoblog from now on.

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