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Flowers and things

I love flowers, they're probaby my most favourite thing and it kills me that I don't have my own garden here. We have the shared space outside the apartment, which no one has done anything to and is full of weeds, but that is it. I think that the next time we have clean-up and planting I'm going to plant a garden down there.

I have a lot of plants inside the house, but most of them don't flower. I'm not huge on indoor flower plants anyway but I just have to have something green inside. I almost always have a fresh bunch of flowers in a vase on the dining table, I get them either from the local German grocery store or from the farmers market in town, depending on where I've been recently.

Here are some photographs I took today of weeds, wildflowers and overhanging allotment flowers.

This weekend we're hoping to take a day trip out to Schwetzingen, to admire the town, the castle and to check out the French baroque gardens. I'm looking forward to it, hopefully it'll be a nice break.

We've got a busy September/October coming up. A two week visit from my inlaws followed by a one week visit from my parents. It's also my birthday on the 6th and Mikey's on the 30th! My birthday gift is going to be to finally decorate the master bedroom. I'm excited about getting that done! we're thinking that for mikey's birthday we are either going to visit a local zoo or go and check out a monkey sanctuary that is about 2 hours north of us where you can go in and feed the monkeys.

I'm hoping we can do the second, but it just depends on how well we think Mikey will travel at that point. He is not a fan of car rides that last longer than an hour really, he's not really old enough to be able to explain that if he can wait 2 hours he will be able to see some monkeys! He loves watching monkeys on TV, we watch the BBC Planet Earth on DVD a lot and he always runs over, yells "teddy!" and laughs when he sees the monkeys on there. I figure if we're going to have something on the TV it should at least be that, mainly so that I can watch the baby panda episode on repeat. Squeee! I love that panda (Mikey says "Awwww Teddy" at the baby panda and pretends like he is rocking it.)

Finally here's some photos of the little boy playing outsde on the swings today.

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