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These Beautiful Days

I thoroughly enjoy sitting in our living room with the fan going and all of the windows open. I opened the windows at 8am, despite being directly next to a busy road the air still smells fresh and clean. We don't get much light due to the angle of our apartment, but early in the morning the sun shines through one of the trees outside our window and covers the living room in beautiful dappled light.

I've been battling with the constant need to be doing something at all times. I unconsciously count the number of cars I hear go past the window, measure by eye the distances between the railings and notice that they're not as evenly spaced as they might first appear. The inner walls of the apartment are crooked in places, the archway between the living area and the bedrooms is more narrow at the bottom than it is at the top. There's a gap underneath the base boards in every room that is about 50mm tall, underneath them live small spiders and other bugs that wage secret wars while we are sleeping in our beds. I try to leave the spiders but vacuum up the other bugs.

Fat silverfish appear in our sinks every morning and have done since before we moved in. The hassle of having them removed is more trouble than it is worth although I am secretly afraid that they will eat the glue binding on all of my books. I am tempted the wrap all of my books in cellophane, but I know that would be crazy.

The pattern repeat on the fabric I have used for curtains is just over a metre, one of the curtains in the livingroom has been hung upside down so that the pattern runs the wrong way. I'm the only person that has noticed this so far, however upon remembering it I am always distracted by the fact that the ceiling and wall nearby has been painted in three different shades of white, in uneven splotches across the surface. This distraction requires enough scrutiny to make me forget about the curtain every time. Although writing about it now has reminded me that I need to change it around.

Sometimes things in the house are uneven on purpose, I will not straighten the 4th picture frame from the bottom center because when I look at it I'm reminded to look at the photograph it contains.

The weather is beautiful today. Mikey and I already went for a walk this morning, this afternoon we are going to go and play on the playground after cleaning up the house and doing a few loads of laundry.

While Mikey was falling asleep for his midday nap I finished reading Unaccusomed Earth. Next I will be starting The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. After that, who knows?

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