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Midnight Coffee Break

I was reading through some of my old "work". Interesting, interesting.

Thank You For Your Most Recent Rejection

I keep the walls of my cheap
apartment blank as their birth, except
one wall in the back of the office where
I spend nights slaving over cover letters,
proof reading and
licking the glue from envelopes.
This is where I keep my rejection letters.
Behind me now, light
from the open window slowly
fades black type on letters carefully
pinned to the wall.
Thank you for your most recent rejection,
I now have enough letters to cover
the wall entirely
and perhaps things will start looking up for me.

A Night At The Paper Factory

Florescent light painted
sleight by hand
on plastic cups, black coffee
into mud.
Grimy metal grind metal -
spark, rust and
squirm. Cannibal conveyor belts
whine, devour dust
and their own emerald tongues.


In web-like net,
grimey and
green with algae,
we lie in wait
like limpets.
the approaching storm,
waiting together
for the ocean
to wash us

He Is Silent

He is silent.
Smoke curls from his nostrils.
Eyes slowly wandering,
rest for a moment
on strewn bedclothes,
vagrant pillows.
Bringing the cigarette to his lips,
the scent of sex lingers.

She does not.

Loose Change

autumn to winter:

we speed through the
transition of the seasons

racing each other

like clouds upon a storm,
skittish and impatient.

we are still in anticipation
of tangible change.


The Psychology Of Moths

we sleep
back to back
bodies curled
and dream in

on a bed
of folded paper
and flesh-toned

Perhaps I need to read a "How to write Poetry for Dummies" guide. I forget. I don't rhyme. I need to purchase a Thesaurus.

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