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Precipices, Internet Meme, and the 1UP Debocle

Ok people, so first off i just want to thank my wife and those cook books below. Because despite my once past ghastly-emo-like appearance, I am now dining on fine cuisine every evening home cooked for me by a sexy Brit with a hot accent.

Now how many game-addicts can say that ?


As i thought.


Anyway so today was decidedly hilarious. After a stressful afternoon I returned to work and was immediately confronted with a question posed by my good friend Clare.

"Hey Nichols, have you ever been Rick Rolled?"

I laughed "Who hasn't?"

Apparently my good friend Clare had just discovered the meaning of the verb Rickrolled. Which is HILARIOUS. Like yesterday when he discovered where roflcopter came from. Freaking roflcopter man.

That's like not understanding zomg.

Also another co-worker asked me what Twitter is.

Apparently I'm quickly becoming the internet culture guru at work. This idea quickly became confirmed when Clare asked me if I felt like i was part of internet culture. I quickly informed him that "I play fucking online games man, you know this, I'm not part of it, I am it."

Needless to say it was all very humorus.

Which was good, because earlier that afternoon I discovered THIS appalling story

It's sad. As a blogger who rants about games wishing that he could someday get paid to write about games, this is really really sad. Especially considering how prestigious and well respected 1up.com is among game journalism sites...to be bought by the damn corporation that owns fucking Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and fucking Country Living.

Oh and Teen.

Awww shit and Popular Mechanics.

In other words, something I loved was absorbed by an entity I hate.

Not to mention that 25 journalists lost their jobs. Guess I'll be staying in the military a bit longer, and to think i thought the economic crisis wouldn't effect me.


Anyway, Fatal Frame IV is supposed to be arriving for the Wii this year sometime. If you haven't heard of Fatal Frame it's because you obviously don't care about the survival horror genre of games or photography, or possibly both. It's one of the scariest, creepiest, unnerving game series I've ever played, and I say this because I only got through about 4 hours of it before I had to quit forever.

Case in point, it has great terrifying effects on people.

I can't wait for it to come out :)

Chrono Trigger is still on my wish list for the DS as is a perpetual slew of Wii and Gamecube games that will be far too expensive for me to buy in one go, much less right now.

So instead I'll be playing my newly acquired Penny Arcade game, and enjoying the hell out of it I'm sure.

Sorry today was kind of a rant but I'm in a hurry ;)

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