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Aftermath 9-09

So last night was pretty awesome. First time I've gone out without the wife for quite a long time. Everyone from work was there and strangely enough we all had a grand old time. The night itself devolved into a delicious blur with decidedly poignant gaps where my memory doesn't quite remember everything. There was karaoke involved, and lots of beer, a jack and coke, tequila and lime shots, and good times and good conversation throughout. My good buddy Carlos took care of me and made sure I got home alright, which happened at sometime around 2 a.m.

Good times all around.

Carlos and I are discussing the idea of making a webcomic together. I think it would be fun as hell to do, and writing for it would be incredibly fun in my opinion. Chances are it'll be based on an extreme version of how things work around the house here, because I have to write what I know and it this point most of what I know is about parenting, family stuff, and video games. I couldn't write something with crazy plot arc, or about people that aren't similar to me. But i don't know, we'll have to see.

Been trying to take photos again, but of things I normally dont shoot like this for instance

The Light Above The Table

Mainly because i don't shoot things...that aren't people? People are generally my main focus as far as pictures go, but I guess i need to start trying to do different things.

I still like people though

My people

Especially my people.

Also shooting in RAW format is pretty interesting. The tools they give you for editing in RAW are great, at this point my only complaint is how bloody old the technology in my camera is from work. We're working on getting upgraded to D300s soon which would be lovely.

In anycase, I have to get on animal crossing now and mail letters to my neighbors SO...

All of you have a nice weekend. :)

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