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Nothing quite like it....

There's nothing quite like the first few hours of playing a brand new video game.

The first hour in paticular.

These days video games are designed with the idea of the player having an 'experience' more so than just playing a game. The first hour of a video game is like the first 5 minutes of a block buster movie. It sets the stage for all of the greatness that is to come, it gets you excited about what could be ahead.

And nothing is quite as relaxing and completely enjoyable as being exposed to a whole new setting and experience...from the comfort of my chair in the living room.

I always get excited. And i always get sad that Bex and Mikey don't get as excited as I am because i want to share the excitement. I want them to feel the glee that I'm feeling! But bex is too busy hunting down posts on random message boards, and mikey is too busy trying to chew on something to care or notice.

This has in part been brought on by my anticipation for Fable II arriving in the mail. The more I order games through the mail here the more and more i painfully bemoan the US Army postal system. What i could get same day in the states takes a week to get here, and on top of that Amazon always tells me that my stuff is going to arrive long before it actually does forcing me to spend 1 to 6 days in complete agony while I wait for my parcel to wade through the mud of the Army Postal System.

It's just ONE XBOX 360 DvD...what could be so hard about getting it into my eager hands?

I'm hoping that Fable II is all that I've hyped it up to be. Yes, that I've hyped it up to be. I've played the first game on my Computer and have enjoyed it despite it being pretty old and kind of annoying to play with a mouse and keyboard. I've been helplessly shuffling through all of my 360 games trying to find an old already played through title that can hold my interest again, but as soon as i drop an hour into one i'm thinking about another and it's all ever so terrible.

I've been wanting to play warhammer online again but am still searching for a good guild to join. We tried playing WoW again and that was fun for a little while but I can't bear to play if my wife can't , and Bex can't play unless we drop a few grand on a new computer because the laptop she was meant to play on is so old now it only works as an .avi - S-Cable - TV proxy for watching anime on.

Terrible i tell you.

So here I am, restless and everything. Damn it all.

Maybe they will have dug it out of the new mail between when I checked it at 2:30 and when it closes at 5...hrm...

Here's hoping.

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